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Race Dead Even in Las Vegas Where 2/3 of Votes Are

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Neal in Close Race with Guinn Statewide

Las Vegas Review Journal Statewide Poll

Excerpt from Nevada's largest newspaper's 2-24-98 edition:

"Retired Republican businessman Kenny Guinn is the early front-runner in the governor's race, but the large number of undecided voters should encourage his rivals, a pollster said Monday.

"A statewide poll conducted for the Review-Journal and KTNV-TV, Channel 13, shows that voters recognize and like Guinn more than any other gubernatorial candidate. Yet it also shows that 23 percent don't know who he is, even though he has been campaigning for two years.

"Guinn, who has no elective experience, is just 11 points ahead of his likely Democratic opponent -- Sen. Joe Neal of North Las Vegas, a legislator since 1973.

"While 35 percent supported the political newcomer, 24 percent supported the veteran lawmaker. Forty-one percent were undecided.

"'Given the fact he's been out there for over a year and I'm starting with basically nothing, that demonstrates a weakness,' Neal said. 'That bodes well for what we have been able to do.'

"In a match-up between Neal and former Hollywood producer Aaron Russo, Neal pulls 26 percent of the votes and Republican Russo is close behind with 22 percent -- well within the margin of error   -- while 52 percent were undecided.

"In a governor's race between Neal and Lt. Gov. Lonnie Hammargren, Neal captures 25 percent and Republican Hammargren 28 percent -- with 47 percent undecided. Hammargren hasn't decided whether to run for governor or Congress."

[It should be noted that millionaire candidates Russo and Guinn have already spent hundreds of thousands in campaign advertising and have been campaigning for one and two years, respectively. Neal, a 26-year state senator from North Las Vegas, announced his candidacy on January 5.]

The Review-Journal, Nevada's largest newspaper, added that

"although some national experts are predicting Nevadans will elect a Republican as their next governor, pollster Del Ali said, 'these numbers don't suggest that at all.'"

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