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January 23, 2003

New Speak, Nevada Style

After months of discussion and study, Gov. Kenny Guinn unveiled his much ballyhooed tax plan this week and in the best Orwellian tradition it was full of new speak. For example, Guinn stated that the poor and elderly would not be targeted under his new tax plan — a statement that tortures the truth beyond all mercy.

The so-called sin and entertainment taxes in the Guinn budget are aimed squarely at the poor who make up the largest segment of smokers and drinkers and at the elderly, many of whom can only afford the modest forms of entertainment that will be taxed.

Missing from the entertainment tax are golfing and skiing, generally only affordable to the well-to-do.

Give us a break! Any broad-based tax is, by its very nature, a regressive tax on the poor because the poor vastly outnumber the rich in Nevada. Admittedly, the Silver State faces a serious lack of silver and must make some tough decisions to balance the books, but resorting to new speak is not helpful.

What would be more helpful is a real tax hike on Nevada's casinos who pay the lowest gaming taxes in the nation. Yeah, we know about the threat from tribal gaming. However, the very casinos who complain about that threat are making big bucks helping set up tribal casinos.

Or, how about reinstating the automobile luxury tax, targeting gas-guzzling SUVs and high-end imports?

If the governor is truly committed to balancing the budget, how about cutting back on the high-paying state appointments that he hands out in exchange for political favors.

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