"If the golden goose is causing sickness by its droppings on society, then we have to make the golden goose pay for the cleanup cost."

— Sen. Neal's response to the question "Aren't you killing the goose that lays the golden eggs?"

The People's Petition Forum

Sen. Neal Makes His Case

Neal in the lion's den.
Text of Sen. Neal's speech before the Nevada Taxpayers Association

Casinos make my case
to raise their taxes

Nevada Casinos fail to support education

The high cost of living and dying
in the Silver State

The 1999 legislative fight to get casinos to pay a fair share

Gambling Impact Studies

Nevada Taxpayer Association
White Paper

State of Nevada study confirms that gaming does not pay its fair share
Former U.S. senator backs up study
See Paul Laxalt statement, below.*

The Regulation of Organized Gambling in Nevada

A report to the National Gambling Impact Study Commission

National Gambling Impact Study Commission

Petition Instructions

Investigative Reports

Is Joe Neal deductible? Gaming taxes deductible on federal tax returns

Nevada casino taxes inordinately low compared to national numbers

Are casinos ready to deal?

More reasons to support Neal petition

Study says most new Nevada jobs don't support families

The Fastest-Growing State Is Going Broke Very Fast

Study forecasts shortfall

Governor forecasts $1 billion deficit

Carson City raises property taxes, cuts health care

Washoe County and Douglas County resort to bond issues for parks and open space

Las Vegas police can't afford to investigate an epidemic of car theft, ask citizens to do it themselves

Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial: "Self-service law enforcement"

GOP State Senator: State facing bankruptcy over health care costs

Las Vegas mayor trial-balloons park tax hike

Nevada Capital City Faces Deficit
Mayor looking for ways to avoid tax increase

LV Fire Dept. asks city for tax hike

Survey ranks health of Nevada's children near bottom

Clark County faces $698 million budget shortfall

Ernaut predicts huge increase in state needs and huge budget shortfall

Expansion of sales tax floated

Letters & Opinions

How now, cash cows? Major players in Big Casino Y2K

Casino spawned Letters to the Editor infect Reno paper

Letter: Neal takes fair stance on casinos

Battlefield dispatches from the sagebrush plantation

Political porno

Neal vs. Jones debate highlights

Letter: Spurn the big guns

My heart bleeds for the gambling-industrial complex

Proof that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing

Sun letter to the Editor --"Go to it, Joe"

Good little boys and girls don't tax their masters

Emergency rules throw new roadblocks against petitions

Sen. Joe Neal throws down the gauntlet to the gamboozlers

Sen. Neal, conservatives and Gov. Dudley Do-Right agree

Letter writer supports Neal

Fold democracy and let casinos rule by memo

In the Headlines 2001

2000 NV casino win up 6.4%, Las Vegas Strip up 9% in December

State allows lots of tax loopholes

State officials fight Neal jackpot payoff bill

In the Headlines 1999-2000

(Editor's note: links from LV CityLife, Las Vegas Business Press have changed, as have some others. Please utilize their search engines should you encounter broken pipes.)

Gambling industry backs teachers' business income tax initiative

Casinos prepare friend-of-the-court brief

Neal debates gambling industry heavy hitter

Et tu, Kenny? Gaming's governor stabs at Neal on the Ides of March

Ralston: Mining history to find gaming parallel

Taxpayers Assn. study challenges gaming industry's key tax arguments

The smoking gun---casino-planted letters to the editor

New Las Vegas Mayor calls casinos parasites

Casinos Threaten Quality of Life

Guinn threatens reprisals against petition supporters

Sen. Neal debates taxes with Jan Jones on LV TV

Jon Ralston: Gaming Tax Hike Inevitable

Nevada Capital City Faces Deficit

Columnist John L. Smith: Gov. Guinn has tough tax sales job

Commentator Jon Ralston: Casinos cry wolf too often

Teachers reveal business income tax petition details

Guinn paints bleak picture of state's tax revenues

Joe Neal: Lone Wolf

Illinois Proposes Tax Hike On Gambling Revenue

Conservative former GOP officeholder supports Neal campaign

Showdown looms on casino tax hike

Battle over Neal's tax plan will range border to border

Local leaders react to Neal's tax plan

 The Empire Strikes Back: Gaming industry to go far and wide to beat tax increase effort

Teachers to file business income tax petition

Clash of the Titans: Neal vs. gamblers in $uper Bowl Y2K

The double-down double dare

Neal takes tax fight to people

Neal ready to take on casinos in tax hike

Neal: Let's get it on

Deja vu all over again: Neal files, casinos scream,
just like '98

Neal doubles down with gambling initiative

Nevada casinos flip-flop, invest in California tribal casinos

Income study: Gap widens between rich, poor in Nevada

*Former Nev. Sen. Laxalt decries growth of low-wage gambling jobs

More reasons to support Neal petition

Party politics upside-down in 2000

Gaming tax: Onerous or overdue?

Debate looms over tax initiative for education

Neal petition targets casinos, teachers union proposal exempts gambling and mining

New rules make gathering signatures for petitions tough

Las Vegas paper again names Sen. Neal only elected official on annual "local heroes" list

Veteran Las Vegas commentator defends Sen. Neal from gambling industry disinformation

Nevada casinos were biggest 1998 anti-tribal gambling donors

Nevada casinos spent over $22 million on '98 campaign against California tribal casinos

Guinn's staff claims petition is no way to raise taxes

Today's casinos use the DA - not thugs - to collect debt

One new hotel room generates 10 jobs

Senator argues for higher Nevada gaming tax

Neal reveals details of gross gaming tax petition

Experts: Gaming, transiency make LV tough for child-raising

Proposed teachers' tax petition same as earlier gambling industry proposal

Neal seeks vote on gaming tax hike

Carson City newspaper endorses Neal's gaming tax hike

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