Sen. Neal accuses Nevada Power
of conspiracy with Enron

LVRJ: Sen. Neal stands alone, breaking the Silence of the Lambs

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Powerful lawmakers sign on

SB254 passed the full senate in a bi-partisan vote. It mandated a two-year death penalty moratorium during a study. Full Story.
(Update: All death penalty measures were killed save for an interim study.)

The gambling industry campaign to defeat Sen. Neal
Casino-funded challenger loses recount, Neal victory stands
Nevada Supreme Court upholds Neal re-election
Poll: Nevadans support gaming tax increase 63%-26

2002 UPDATE — Neal one of only two winners outspent by opponents


 The Case for Raising Casino Taxes

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 Nevada has been the fastest-growing state in the nation over the past decade. The gambling industry has facilitated tax increases on every other aspect of society, while keeping the gross gaming tax frozen at 1987 levels. Casinos get back fully a third of that levy in the form of corporate welfare subsidies.

A 1999 study by Nevada's current Republican administration shows that creation of low-wage gaming jobs creates much more long term demand for government services than other types of employment.

As a result of organized gambling's refusal to pay its fair share, Nevada state and local governments face near-term shortfalls in the billions of dollars.

Sen. Joe Neal has proposed legislation which will make a modest down payment toward those needs. It proposes to increase the gross gaming tax on the state's largest and most profitable casinos.

Please join the fight for a fair deal for Nevada -- right here, right now.

The Fastest-Growing State Going Broke Very Fast


NEAL: Don't let casinos use 9-11 to get off the tax hook

LV SUN COLUMNIST GERMAN: Heartless casinos betray workers

Sen. Neal's Senate Bill 105, calling for a 4% increase on the state's biggest gambling operators, and SB 104 ordering a public vote, were killed in committee. Sen. Mike Schneider, D-Las Vegas, supported SB 105. Read the obituary. Sen. Neal proposed a 2% gross gaming tax increase during the 1999 legislative session and a 5% hike by initiative petition in 2000. Nevada casinos continue to enjoy the lowest gross gaming taxes in the world. The industry has kept the levy frozen at 1987 levels while facilitating tax and fee increases on its workers and all other sectors of the state's economy.

END RUN > Casino lobbyists cynically attach Internet gambling rider to work card reform bill to block any Neal gaming tax amendment

NEW YORK TIMES (June 6) ---Nevada Approves Online Gambling (Hurry. Times stories are only available without charge for 2 weeks. Requires free signup. Remember to enable cookies to view.)

CONFERENCE -- Gambling addiction afflicts millions

2001 Legislature kills first gambling addiction funding ever introduced in Nevada, a token $75,000

LVRJ: Sen. Neal stands alone, breaking the Silence of the Lambs

Neal lone lawmaker to criticize gambling lobbyist Whittemore

Neal fights casino corporate welfare -- (UPDATE > SB 363, the industry attempt to shunt Nevada tax dollars toward paving California casino routes, died in an assembly committee. However, a companion measure, AB 465, passed and has been signed by the governor.)

TAKING IT BACK TO THE PEOPLE (Carson City) -- In a "Capitol Issues" interview which aired June 8, 2001, on Las Vegas and Reno PBS affiliates KLVX TV-10 and KNPB TV-5, Sen. Neal announced that he will again circulate a statewide initiative petition to raise Nevada's gross gaming tax. Unlike the 2000 effort which was underfunded and relied completely on volunteers, Sen. Neal stated that he will hire a professional signature-gathering firm for the 2002 campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sen. Neal's proposals to raise the world's lowest gross gaming tax

Which casinos will be affected by the tax increase?

What happens to the tax rates for smaller casinos?

Casino taxes ought to be raised, but isn't an additional 4% awfully high?

What are the maximum tax rates for casinos in other States?

Will the expansion of tribal gambling in California hurt Nevada?

Doesn't the Nevada gambling industry already support education?

Won't Sen. Neal's proposed tax increase cost Nevada jobs?



2002 UPDATE — Sen. Neal accuses Nevada Power of conspiracy with Enron

AB 661, the bill to deregulate large power users such as mines and casinos, was the last bill passed by the senate at three minutes before 12M PDT on June 4. It will skyrocket small consumer rates. Joining Sen. Neal in opposition: Las Vegas Sens. Ann O'Connell (R), William O'Donnell (R), Dina Titus (D) and Valerie Wiener (D). Its passage in the lower house house may have been past the constitutional adjournment deadline. A special remedial session called by the governor failed to resolve matters.

Gamblers and miners demand that supreme court impose AB 661

UTILITY ISSUES NEWS ROUNDUP> Reno Gazette-Journal >Consumer advocate Tim Hay utters rate-hike warnings, Sen. Townsend gushes

Neal dismantles Townsend in AB 661 floor fight. (Go to this page, then use your find key for 661. The exchange is just past halfway down.)

For details and updates, go to the Nevada Energy Crisis War Room.


ROAD WARRIORS -- Sen. Neal led the fight to over-ride the governor's veto of SB 415, a bill ordering an audit of the Nevada Dept. of Transportation. Sen. Neal noted that the part-time legislature cannot perform proper oversight without good information. Sen. Bill O'Donnell, R-Las Vegas, questioned NDOT's priorities, especially about sound walls. O'Donnell joined all nine senate Democrats in voting to over-ride. The eleven remaining Republicans prevailed. MORE --> Inordinate NDOT attention to the Las Vegas Strip?

Townsend and Guinn reverse pro-consumer energy positions

Neal fights for consumers against Townsend, casinos & mines

Blackouts loom for Las Vegas

Las Vegas Review-Journal editors wrong,
Neal proven right, as usual

Neal: Deregulation won't cut prices

Neal fights Townsend attempt to deregulate insurance rate hikes
Only Sens. Neal, Carlton, Mathews, Titus and Wiener (all-D) opposed
Senate Bill 4, which died in the lower house.


2002 DEJA VU — Conservative Carson columnist re-endorses Neal gaming tax proposal

SEN. NEAL VINDICATED Big business lobbies agree on need to raise taxes -- Form task force to parallel governor's

LAS VEGAS SUN PUBLISHER Greenspun criticizes gambling industry stinginess

University of Nevada-Reno study supports gaming tax increase

GOP Sen. James backs Neal on growth and taxation issues

RUTHE DESKIN, Longtime Las Vegas Sun columnist, supports casino tax hike

Assembly Education Chair endorses gaming tax hike

Writer - Proposal Fair

Legislative analyst says raise taxes

Columnist Bill Hanlon -- Raise gaming, other taxes

LVRJ Editors - Only Neal upfront on taxes

RGJ Editors - Neal's tax battle far from over

Columnist Steve Sebelius praises Neal proposals and integrity

LVRJ poll -- Nevadans overwhelmingly favor gaming tax hike

LVRJ Editors - Neal has high ground

More endorsements.

Latest News Stories

NO AVERAGE TAXPAYERS appointed to tax study panel


Tax study panel offers election-year cover

NEAL -- Lobbyist takeover of process made 2001 the worst session in 30 years

Gov. says Neal correct

Help for Fallon child leukemia cluster and first-ever gambling addiction program smothered by last- minute rush of fat cat legislation

Leslie work card measure moves on (This bill was later abused as a shill for legalizing Internet gambling while blocking Sen. Neal's gaming tax amendment.)

Las Vegas Review-Journal Columnist John L. Smith: Work card requirements nonsensical


Gambling industry lobbyists got 100% of everything

Columnist: Why should Nevadans pay for California roads?

Reno Gazette-Journal endorses moratorium on death penalty

Growth can't pay its way

Property tax hikes loom

Huge fiscal shortfall

Las Vegas schools need another $500,000,000

So. NV short of teachers

HANLON > Education crisis here

New Las Vegas schools face boarding up

Governor: Read my lips

Neal fights for tax hike

Neal all alone?
See above endorsements.

Casinos boom profits on Wall Street, plead poverty at legislature

NEAL GAMBLING BILLS: casino tax hike and ballot, faulty slot fix

Top casino lobbyist admits existence of gambling addiction

Nevada ignores gambling addiction

Neal defeats gerrymander to kill his senate district

[UPDATE -- At the end of the 2001 session, Sen. Neal indicated that he may take the final redistricting to court.]

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"Neal's plan sounds good, but cutting the vehicle privilege tax is cutting a county tax. Can we truly afford it? But the voters will love it."

-- Nevada Assembly Minority Leader Lynn Hettrick, R-Gardnerville

Mr. Hettrick expands his opposing view

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