Mr. Hettrick expands his opposing view


From: "Hettrick, Lynn Assemblyman" <>
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2000 16:56:36 -0800

Senator Neal or Webmaster:

I'm flattered that you think my comments are worth printing on your web page, however, would appreciate being informed when you do so. If you choose to leave the quote, please include the rest of my comments: "I oppose the proposed tax for several reasons: We should look to tax equity before we look to raise taxes on one segment of our economy. It is inappropriate to use a major source of state revenue to pay a county tax (vehicle privilege tax), if additional revenue is needed in the future, we are boxed in to creating new state taxes. I oppose earmarking 45% of the proposed tax to go to education without requiring that our children actually get a better education. If we are going to throw more money at education, let's at least tie it to improved test scores and graduation rates. Finally, why is Senator Neal trying to raise taxes at a time of economic prosperity - when other states are lowering taxes and without trying to do away some of the state's inefficient spending?"



Dear Assemblyman Hettrick:

The link to the entire article ("Party Politics Upside Down in 2000") containing your quote appears at

The Jane Ann Morrison opus was the lead piece in the Sunday, 1-9-Y2K Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Should you not be able to access it, I will be happy to upload it, although the piece is quite lengthy. Your statement was not taken out of context, as it stands alone in a wide-ranging article.

I will ask my webwizardress to also link the item directly from your quote as long as it remains in a prominent position.

I would certainly like to include your comments at the site, as they enrich the debate. I would appreciate your elaborating on a couple of points.

1. The whole world is looking for the holy grail of tax equity. Where should we seek it in Nevada?

(Mandalay Bay/Circus Circus VP) Mike Sloan et al. point to freeloading businesses which they allege pay no tax. His statement to that effect before a joint judiciary hearing last March resulted in the scrupulous and scrupulously ignored Nevada Commission on Economic Development study which, if you have not obtained a copy, you certainly should. It makes Sen. Neal's case. (I posted it in its entirety. See also my column on the study.)

2. Other than education, where is the inefficient state spending you note? He may well agree with you in some areas.

Thanks for your interest.

Be well. Raise hell.

Andrew Barbano

From: "Hettrick, Lynn Assemblyman" <>
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2000 07:24:36 -0800

Mr. Barbano:

I would prefer a link to the article rather than the quote ending with "voters will love it". Most will not access the entire article and as written, it appears that I endorse the petition - I obviously do not. While my quote may have stood alone in the news story, it did not stand alone when I made it, hence the desire for you to include the rest of my comments. As to tax equity, we are discussing Nevada taxes i.e. raising Nevada's gaming tax, so yes, we should seek equity in Nevada's tax structure. The gaming industry pays many taxes - entertainment and actual end user sales taxes on much of what they buy. When taken in total, the state taxes paid by gaming are significant, certainly more than many other segments of our economy when considered as a percentage of profit. As to the question of inefficient spending; First, my mail did not say education was "inefficient spending". It said we ought to get an assurance of improved performance for more money. But to answer your question, how about: Class size reduction, prevailing wage, privatization, Family to Family and the list goes on. I would appreciate the opportunity to approve the context and any of my comments you may wish to use.


Dear Mr. Minority Leader: Here they are. Fire at will.

Be well. Raise hell.

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