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Details of Sen. Neal's position on gaming taxation, including the 2000 initiative petition.

Sen. Joe Neal for Governor Unbought & Unbossed

Organize on the WorldWideWeb

The following represents a basic and simple strategy for using the web to win.

Sen. Joe Neal is running a guerrilla campaign — organizing on the WorldWideWeb will allow us to bypass many of the heavy costs associated with traditional campaigns and make us competitive with the casino-funded onslaught.

  • Organize your neighborhood and keep in touch with the campaign via e-mail and the Internet.
  • If you don't have a personal computer, identify someone in your neighborhood who has access to the internet. Communication via e-mail and via the website is critical to the success of this campaign. We must continue to expand our network statewide and nationwide. Collect and forward e-mail addresses as you gather them.
  • Have people check out this website. Tell them to fill out the volunteer form.
  • Volunteer to contact community organizations and make presentations on Sen. Neal's behalf. Use information from the web site in your work.
  • Save, forward and/or print items from the website, and e-mail or U.S.-Mail them to your friends and recruits inside or outside Nevada. Tell people to spread the word in their towns. Contribution checks are welcome.
  • Post website excerpts on chat rooms and bulletin boards you frequent and at list-serves to which you subscribe. Post hard copies on real-world bulletin boards you pass in your travels, such as senior citizen centers and other public areas.
  • If you find a website which would benefit from a link to joeneal.org, ask the operators to look at Sen. Neal's site and please add a link. If you have your own website,please do the same.
  • Inform us as to what the important issues are in your Nevada community.

If the Vietnam Vets Campaign to Ban Land Mines could score an international treaty and the Nobel Peace Prize all because of a little creative use of e-mail, we can certainly do the same and make some history of our own with Senator Neal.

All suggestions are most welcome.

Please copy, print and distribute this strategy. 

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