NEW! — The light side and the dark side of Nevada politics

NEALCARE — Sen. Neal unveils major new campaign to develop universal health insurance coverage for every Nevadan

Sen. Neal petitions PUC to review public takeover of Nevada Power

Las Vegas Review-Journal Sunday front page lead story —
Neal ready to take on Guinn
Review-Journal columnist — Neal deserves respect
LV Sun columnist — A tale of two senators
Neal catches the Gaming Party flat-footed
Longtime LV editor reviews Gov. Guinn's record
Sen. Joe Neal files for governor

Neal and last-minute surprises
Neal files, hits governor for again deregulating utilities, Enron

Reno Gazette-Journal editorial says "Guinn needs leadership," then praises Neal


SIGN OF THE TIMES This sign was put up by 2002 GOP candidate for lieutenant governor Gerry Larrivee on U.S. 395 between Reno and Carson City during Sen. Neal's 2000 Gaming Tax Petition Campaign. Similar grass-roots initiative will be needed to win in 2002.

NEWSFLASH — Neal wins Democratic gubernatorial primary, makes history

Neal Black-Tie Fundraiser in LV

"I have thrown my hat into the ring for the Democratic nomination for governor because the issues are the same as when I ran four years ago," the 30-year Nevada lawmaker said.

"The gross gaming tax remains the lowest in the world while our schools continue in dire need of support. We need to take care of our children. We need funding for education, books, teachers' salaries.

"State government is being Enronized as clever lobbyists were able to win reimposition of utility deregulation just weeks after Gov. Guinn and the legislature repealed it.

"I offer Nevadans a true choice for a change."

The Case for Raising Casino Taxes

"Seen from behind, the palatial replicas and resorts are a kind of Potemkin village, screening from view an inner squalor of local politics where wealth and power are in the hands of only a few, a parody of rich and poor.

"Compared to what it takes, the ruling industry gives back crumbs. Its rule is purchased, not won, though no less complete for the usurpation. It evades all but a minor fraction of taxes, recompense that might create public assets in Nevada to match the mountains of private profit.

" Instead, as from the beginning, it plunders the city, state and nation, poisoning air, disfiguring land, stealing water, ransoming the future for ravenous gain seized by fix and favor. It masks only thinly its habitual racism and sexism. If its prosperity is legend, many of its jobs are menial, and its coveted payroll is mocked by enormous inequity, the gap between millions taken by owners and the few thousand in shiftwork subsistence paid most workers."

From "The Money and the Power — The Making of Las Vegas and Its Hold on America, 1947-2000" by Sally Denton & Roger Morris, published by Alfred A. Knopf, New York, NY, 2001, page 10. Also a two-hour television special on the Arts & Entertainment Network, 2002. Check local listings. Videocasettes available from A&E.


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 Nevada has been the fastest-growing state in the nation over the past decade. The gambling industry has facilitated tax increases on every other aspect of society, while keeping the gross gaming tax frozen at 1987 levels. Casinos get back fully a third of that levy in the form of corporate welfare subsidies.

A 1999 study by Nevada's current Republican administration shows that creation of low-wage gaming jobs creates much more long term demand for government services than other types of employment.

As a result of organized gambling's refusal to pay its fair share, Nevada state and local governments face near-term shortfalls in the billions of dollars.

Sen. Joe Neal has proposed legislation which will make a modest down payment toward those needs. It proposes to increase the gross gaming tax on the state's largest and most profitable casinos.

Please join the fight for a fair deal for Nevada -- right here, right now.

The Fastest-Growing State Is Going Broke Very Fast

UNR Professor : Nevada a one-party state — the Gaming Party opposes Neal

Neal calls on Guinn to invoke emergency powers to save LV trauma center

Neal wins Democratic gubernatorial primary, makes history

Nevada Politics — That's Entertainment!

AT LONG LAST, HONESTY IN POLITICS — State Democratic chairman admits that the gambling industry has co-opted and corrupted
the party into subverting Sen. Neal's campaign. Read it and retch.

— Sellout of Neal will damage Demos with minorities


African-American leaders question Demo diss of Neal
Angry black leaders call for boycott of Democratic ticket
Experts —Democrats alienating core constituency

Guinn Watch

The continuing adventures of Gov. Dudley Do-Right and his neverending quest for a complete sentence.

WHAT? ME WORRY? Campaign manager Snidely Whiplash defends Dudley's use of $400,000 in taxpayer-paid advertising during both primary and general election seasons.

NEW! Reno Gazette-Journal Editorial says "Guinn needs leadership," then praises Neal

Dudley Do-Right and Snidely Whiplash © Jay Ward Productions



The Latest
Reno newspaper,
daily newspaper editor, retired journalist, anti-smoking org and white Douglas County Republican endorse Sen. Neal's candidacy

2002 DEJA VU — Conservative Carson columnist re-endorses Neal gaming tax proposal

SEN. NEAL VINDICATED Big business lobbies agree on need to raise taxes -- Form task force to parallel governor's

LAS VEGAS SUN PUBLISHER Greenspun criticizes gambling industry stinginess

University of Nevada-Reno study supports gaming tax increase

GOP Sen. James backs Neal on growth and taxation issues

RUTHE DESKIN, Longtime Las Vegas Sun columnist, supports casino tax hike

Assembly Education Chair endorses gaming tax hike

Writer - Proposal Fair

Legislative analyst says raise taxes

Columnist Bill Hanlon -- Raise gaming, other taxes

LVRJ Editors - Only Neal upfront on taxes

RGJ Editors - Neal's tax battle far from over

Columnist Steve Sebelius praises Neal proposals and integrity

LVRJ poll -- Nevadans overwhelmingly favor gaming tax hike

LVRJ Editors - Neal has high ground

More endorsements.

More News

Guinn & Neal take opposite positions on Question 2 same- gender spousal initiative


Gov. Guinn endorses Bush designation of Yucca Mountain

LV Sun editors nuke Guinn for Bush defense

Nevada GOP adopts platform plank consistent with Neal's longtime position on nuclear waste dumpsite

Gov. Guinn conciliatory on nuclear waste issue

FYI — Sen. Neal's long-held position on nuclear waste

Gov. Dudley Do-Right says all businesses should be taxed like vices such as gambling

Gov. won't tax gambling

Gov. supports only casino-approved tax hikes

Guinn won't raise taxes on gambling casinos

Governor's panel endorses new gross business receipts tax

Pregnant moms forced into public health care

State further reduces child welfare funding

Gov. Guinn's tax force gets details on state's built-in deficit

Las Vegas suicides skyrocket to record

Educators see suicide crisis among teens

Nevada gambling addiction much higher than thought; poll says highest in the nation

LV Sun Editorial -- Gambling addiction needs state attention

Columnist John L. Smith on Nevada's dirty little secret

School districts demand more money from state

Welfare rolls up 50%

Las Vegas homeless problem spreads

Nevada casino revenue rose in 2001

Las Vegas Mayor Goodman-- gambling industry doesn't pay its fair share of taxes

Casino property revaluations top $1 billion -- huge tax breaks will result

Neal accuses Nevada Power of conspiracy with Enron

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The ongoing campaign to raise the world's lowest gross gaming tax

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Sen. Neal's 2000-2001 Archive

Sen. Neal re-elected despite being outspent by heavily-funded gambling industry candidate
2002 UPDATE — Neal one of only two winners outspent by opponents
2001 Legislative Roundup including gaming tax and utility deregulation
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