Sen. Joe Neal, D-North Las Vegas, began his 31st year in the Nevada Legislature in 2003. His major issues included:

(1) Legislation mandating that the gambling industry pay a fair share for the growth it causes and from which it is the principal beneficiary. See below.

(2) Expediting a public takeover of Nevada Power

Sen. Neal asked PUC to rule on offer to buy utility

Morgan Stanley backed public takeover, warned of rate hikes

(3) Banning racial profiling. See below.
(4) Outlawing the death penalty.
(5) Rights for cable TV ratepayers.

2003 Year-end News Roundup

Neal wants constitutional amendment
barring tax loophole favoritism

Las Vegas Sun 12-18-2003

Neal raises claims of police racial profiling
Las Vegas Sun 11-6-2003

Study finds blacks, Hispanics turned down
much more often for LV home loans

Las Vegas Sun 10-26-2003

Harrah's dropped Bud distributor as punishment
for stance on tax bill

Neal decries strongarm industry tactics
FBI investigation continues

Reno Gazette-Journal 10-11-2003

FBI agents check reprisal rumors
Harrah's spokesman calls allegations untrue

Las Vegas Review-Journal 10-10-2003

Businesses, including gambling, see little negative impact of new Nevada taxes
Reno Gazette-Journal 10-5-2003

Sen. Neal joins Las Vegans protesting against
U.S. Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft

Associated Press 8-26-2003

Don't blame me — I voted for Joe Neal

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Legislature finally passes state budget
Reno Gazette-Journal 7-23-2003

Lawmakers take fresh look at Neal gaming tax hike
Las Vegas Review-Journal 7-17-2003

Federal judges extend restraining order barring legislature from any further action on taxes
Reno Gazette-Journal 7-17-2003

Midnight in the garden of good and evil
Budget stalemate unresolved, state constitution breached
Governor and AG file 12:01 a.m. action with Nevada Supreme Court
Las Vegas Review-Journal 7-1-2003
Unprecedented education meltdown

Nevada Supremes order party animals to get down by July 7
Reno Gazette-Journal 7-2-2003

NEAL: Nevada Supreme Court can only raise existing taxes
to balance budget, not impose new ones

Reno Gazette-Journal 6-30-2003

Deja Vu all over again — 2003 impasse is instant replay of 1867
Back then, mining ruled as gambling does today
Las Vegas Review-Journal 6-30-2003


A return to smoke-filled back room politics

Legislators go behind closed doors

   CARSON CITY (May 8, 2003) — A serious work session on taxes before the Nevada State Senate Committee on Taxation was canceled in favor of a secretive, closed door process.

NEW RECORD (6-22-2003) — Neal proposal to hike gross gaming tax gets nine votes in first special session

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Nevada Senate Taxation Committee Contact Info

Links to Nevada newspapers


 "Key Nevada senators and Assembly members are meeting behind closed doors to discuss taxes and spending, and a comprehensive tax bill isn't likely to emerge until they have an agreement," according to the Associated Press.

    "The lawmakers — a fourth of the 63-member Legislature — are 'working toward a number' to ensure any tax proposal approved by the Senate will be accepted in the Assembly, Sen. Ann O'Connell, R-Las Vegas, said..."

     Closed government erodes democracy. As citizens, you need to keep up the pressure on the representatives fromyour area (see below) for a meaningful hike in the world's lowest gross gaming tax. The two major new taxes now on the table are the gambling industry's Grotesque Proceeds Tax (a regressive universal sales tax on all businesses whether or not they are making money) and the counter-proposal from non-gambling big businesses for a sales tax on services. Simply put, the first would eat you alive by taxing your groceries and make you sick by taxing your health care. The second would drive you to the cleaners by taxing the likes of laundry, car washes and auto repair.

     Representatives of both major special interest groups have stated on the record that the gambling industry currently pays its fair share. The facts are otherwise, but this is politics. Sen. Neal's proposal for a four percentage point hike in the gross gaming tax would correct the state deficit and still leave the Nevada gambling industry among the world's most lightly levied.



Bob Coffin, D-Las Vegas,
Mike McGinness,
R-Fallon/central Nevada
Ann O'Connell, R-Las Vegas
Bernice Mathews, D-Reno
Bill Raggio, R-Reno
Ray Rawson, R-Las Vegas
Dina Titus, D-Las Vegas
Randolph Townsend, R-Reno


Morse Arberry, D-Las Vegas
Barbara Buckley.
D-Las Vegas
Chris Giunchigliani, D-Las Vegas
Josh Griffin, R-Henderson
Lynn Hettrick, R-Gardnerville
David Parks, D-Las Vegas
Richard Perkins, D-Henderson

   Call (1-800-995-9080), fax (775-684-6522), paper mail or e-mail (links above) and ask them to make casinos pay a fair share. Ask your friends and neighbors to do the same. Legislative hotlines are 684-6800 from Reno-Sparks-Carson City, 486-2626 from the Las Vegas area and toll-free 1-800-995-9080 statewide. The paper mail address: Legislative Building, 401 S. Carson Street, Carson City, NV 89701-4747. Invest the time. It's your money.

   PASS THE WORD — Contact your own Nevada State Senate and Nevada State Assembly members and let them know your view. Nevadans can identify representatives from their districts though the front page of the legislative website. Start sending letters to the editors of your local newspapers. If you would like your name posted as a supporter at the Silver State Casinos Out of Politics (COP) website, please sign up here.


NEW RECORD (6-22-2003) — Neal proposal to hike gross gaming tax gets nine votes in first special session

Neal: No new taxes without
meaningful gross gaming tax hike

Neal key swing vote in taxation committee

Neal swing vote against property tax hike

Hell freezes over on the Ides of May

Nevada Leaders Endorse Neal Tax Plan

Casinos cooking the books

Insider play-by-play

Gambling addiction ignored by government and industry
Nevada public responds

NEW UNLV Study Gambling addiction costs Nevada more than the industry pays in taxes.

Sen. Neal said it years ago

State of Nevada study — Low-wage gambling industry jobs are the driving force behind Nevada's budget crisis

Neal — Mob-run casinos of yesteryear were more responsible taxpayers than today's multi-national corporations

Neal — veto will bring recall of governor

Neal fights for tax hike at committee hearing
Reno Gazette-Journal and LV Review- Journal stories

Meanwhile in Reno, more corporate welfare — Casino taxes cut...
...and cut again

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Legislative Issues

The case for raising casino taxes

The State of Nevada Guinn-Hunt Administration study which proves it

Conservative Think Tank — Gaming Welshes

Neal bill to end police racial profiling

Neal blasts colleagues for killing profiling bill

Discrimination bills postponed

Las Vegas
Taxing Times — Nevada's fiscal system

Las Vegas Review-Journal
2003 Legislative News Archive

Las Vegas Sun
2003 Legislative News Archive

Reno Gazette-Journal 2003 Legislative News

Jim Day Cartoon
Cash Cows and Sacred Cows






LOW-TECH POLITICS This sign was put up by 2002 Republican candidate for lieutenant governor Gerry Larrivee on U.S. 395 between Reno and Carson City during Sen. Neal's 2000 gaming tax petition campaign. Sen. Neal needs similar grass-roots support during this year's legislative fight for fairness.

On May 20, 2003, the sign read "raise the casino tax." On May 12, it asked "Heard From Any Democrats?" Sen. Neal would understand the sentiments.

Reno Gazette-Journal Editorial — How about a 3 percent gaming tax hike?

Neal likes British tax system, casinos don't

Neal again only
elected official
named to LV
CityLife Local
Heroes List

Cory Farley: A sporting solution to casino property tax freebies


More Endorsements

Conservative Columnist Ira Hansen

    "Considering most states tax the gaming industry at about double our rate, their measly $3 million or $4 million spent on (Gov.) Guinn's campaign was certainly a magnificent investment...

   "Kenny Guinn is a very nice person but is well known as a man with very limited commitments to any social, moral or political opinion or view. He is a blank page and the gamblers filled in the lines. And, no real surprise, what they wanted is remarkably identical to Guinn's 'vision' to avoid the government doing in Nevada what it has done across the country, mainly socking it to them to help pay for all the social malaise they help create.

   "To nip that potential in the bud, they bought Kenny Guinn and his clones in both parties, effectively isolating themselves. Democrat Joe Neal, who I voted for in the last election (despite my right wing views), saw clearly how this power play was coming to pass.
  — Daily Sparks Tribune

Daily Sparks Tribune
Editorial — Cut the Newspeak and Raise the Gaming Tax   

Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce members 90% in favor of gross gaming tax hike

Illinois governor wants gross gaming raised from 50% to 70%

More Endorsements

Nevada casino CEOs made huge salaries in 2002

Jeff German — Gaming's power waned in 2003



Sen. Neal's Biography

Contact Sen. Neal

Neal Legislative Page

State of Nevada

Nevada Democratic Party

Washoe County Party

Guinn Watch

Silver State Casinos Out of Politics (COP)


Las Vegas Sun

Las Vegas Review Journal

Reno Gazette-Journal

Sparks Tribune

Nevada Appeal

Tahoe Tribune

Las Vegas City Life

Las Vegas Business Press

Las Vegas Mercury



Neal for Governor 2002 Archive
The first African-American major party gubernatorial nominee in Nevada history

Sen. Neal's 2000-2001 Archive
Sen. Neal re-elected despite being outspent by heavily-funded gambling industry candidate
2002 UPDATE — Neal one of only two winners outspent by opponents
2001 Legislative Roundup including gaming tax and utility deregulation
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Sen. Joe Neal

2003 Nevada Legislature
Legislative Building, Capitol Complex
Carson City, NV 89701-4747
From the Las Vegas area (702) 486-4626
From Reno-Sparks-Carson City (775) 684-6800
Nevada toll-free 1-800-995-9080

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